Are You Prepared For The Huge Cost Of Water Damage?

Posted by Derek Yurgaitis on Oct 22, 2019 10:00:00 AM
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As with any business, it is physical capital that will suffer the most damage when water goes out of control. Without proper measures in place, valuable assets can be destroyed by a bad flood, leaks from dripping pipes, or other water-based issues. Home or business, electronics or infrastructure, property or product; there is always a risk of water damage. You need to be aware of the risks; without the proper tools to stop even a small drip, water damage can become catastrophic.

What is the cost of a large flood?

Hurricane Flooding

Damages can be calculated based off of what has been lost, how much it will cost to replace, and what the insurance is willing to cover. For example, in 2018, the Canadian government spent $1.9 billion to rectify weather-related damages, including $80 million in flood damage. The U.S. government has spent nearly $1.2 billion so far this year in payouts to cover water-related damage to the nation's public infrastructure. Arkansas alone has open bids to repair highways damaged by flooding, including one set to be repaired at a cost of $1.1 million.

While a small commercial business or home site might never reach such a high amount in damages, they are still at risk. Without the proper protection, what is to say that your business will not get hit with expensive water damage? Rebuilding homes, businesses, or any other property after a flood is never an easy task, especially with the costs that accumulate.

What is the cost of a leak?

Flooding isn’t always the result of a storm. More often than not, flooding comes as a result of some form of maintenance issue. Broken pipes, clogged drains, and other minor disasters that impede where water is meant to flow can create just the wrong conditions that lead to damage to a business’s infrastructure. It is important to check waterways for possible points of failure and be prepared with the tools to handle those potential failures.

Things like black water, which comes from sewer pipes and other contaminated water sources, can cost upwards of $7.00 per square foot to clean up if it is released from the pipes and contaminates an area. In a commercial space of several hundred square feet, it is easy to see how impressively large the cost of repairs after a flood can be.

Without taking proper care of the places where leaks are liable to happen, you can leave yourself vulnerable to water damage. Winter is a few months away, and with it comes the risk of frozen pipes. Cold-weather damage can lead to leaks later down the line once spring comes and thaws those frozen pipes, exposing your property to possible water damage. Repairs as a result of water damage can cost $5,000 at the lowest to homeowners.

Are you prepared to face the cost?

burst-pipeIt is always an excellent idea to get the proper protection for your home or business. Whether that is flood insurance to pay for items that may be damaged in a flood or water event, or purchasing items that will protect your property from water damage in the first place, getting ahead of water damage is the key to making sure your home or business can survive a flood or leak.

Flood insurance is something that should be on the list of costs that are necessary to get ahead of risk. Damage is inevitable when it comes to flooding, and without the proper steps there might not be a chance to recover what is lost. Thousands of examples are made every year of the terrible damage that can come from flooding. The damage to homes, businesses, and city infrastructure highlights the devastating impact of water damage. You cannot be over prepared when it comes to protecting your home or business from flooding.


Do you have a recovery plan in place?

Home and business owners want to recover or replace what is lost to water damage. Some businesses have an easier time moving their operations to new locations, but that might not be your business. There are a number of helpful guides on how to prepare for a flood, and taking pre-emptive measures can be the difference between saving or losing property.

If it is a question of maintenance rather than the spread of flood waters, try to make sure your pipes and waterways are in good shape. If you keep your pipes in good condition, you’ll be able to rely on them for longer without fearing that they will break. If they do end up leaking, keep something on hand that can catch dripping water from the pipe as you arrange for repairs to be made.

What can you get to help contain water damage?

The critical factor in containing water damage is prevention. Millions of dollars can be spent in the cleanup and repair of water damage, so plumbers have been adapting their methods to combat leaks before they happen. A bad leak can cost a million dollars in damages, but a stopped leak costs the price of installation. Increasingly, insurers are relying on advanced water detection technology, including water sensors to alert home and business owners to water-related problems before they cost expensive damage.

Thirsty Pad ApplicationIn addition to flood insurance, home and business owners can invest in products that will help to minimize the damage water is able to cause. MBT offers a wide variety of water damage protection products. Absorbent materials can help when it comes to the influx of water into businesses or homes; paper towels are not going to cut it when the water ends up ankle deep. Products like MBT’s Flood Barriers or Thirsty Socks can do wonders to protect entrances and stop water from seeping in from under doors, windows, or other openings that may allow water to breach a building during a flood. Our Thirsty Pads come in a variety of sizes and are equipped to catch and absorb dripping water in case of either flooding or broken pipes. Catching and containing water before it can spread is the key.

At MBT, we offer a number of products that can help stop the flow of water and catch drips as they happen. Be sure to take a look at our new flood control brochure for the latest water damage protection options.

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