How to Fireproof Your Spill Control Emergency Plan

Posted by Derek Yurgaitis on Jan 18, 2017 8:30:00 AM
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A big part of a typical spill control plan addresses secondary containment of any leaks from storage drums. This typically involves spill containment pallets and decks as well as containment berms and drain seals. 

Poly spill pallets can be very effective at collecting leaks, and they are also cost effective. However, if you need to fireproof that containment, they are not the right choice. Instead, you’ll need steel spill pallets and decks.

What Are the Requirements?

fire flameRequirements for noncombustible devices are spelled out in NFPA 30 and NFC 2010. If there’s a risk of exposure to flame or radiant heat, you’ll typically need steel containment. They will not melt or fail under normal material handling conditions.

Poly or fiberglass devices don’t meet these requirements unless you’ve also built considerable drainage and/or containment into your facility. The cost trade-off is usually prohibitive and fully justifies the additional expense of steel containment.

Your Spill Control Emergency Plan

As you’re preparing your plan, you’ll need to take into consideration a full risk assessment including: hazard identification, risk evaluation, and risk control. Fire hazards include open flame, overheating, electrical, sparks, sunlight, lightning, chemical reactions, and hot work including welding and cutting operations. This list isn’t all inclusive. There may be other factors you’ll need to take into consideration at your facility.

Risk evaluation includes ranking order the severity of each risk, from negligible up to catastrophic. This must be coupled with a thorough consideration of the likelihood of each of the risks. Those aspects taken together then provide insight into your full range of risks.

Once you’ve identified all those risks, building day-to-day control procedures can go a long way toward mitigating the dangers. That adds up to simplifying your emergency plan, but certainly not eliminating it. 

Plus, you’ll need to review and, ideally, practice those emergency procedures from time to time to make sure everything and everyone are up to date and ready to go.

We’ve Got You Covered

steel palletOur steel spill pallets are the strongest containment pallets on the market. They meet NFPA 30 and NFC 2010 spill control requirements from noncombustible devices. They will not melt under fire exposure. They get drums off the floor with capacities up to 126 gallons of containment with both two and four drum configurations.

We also have collapsible, fireproof outdoor containment shelters. They collapse down to 22 inches high for easy storage. They are 100% galvanized with lockable doors, red corner casting for durability, natural vents, and a spill containment floor. They come in 7, 9, and 12 foot sizes.

Want to Learn More?

We’d be delighted to discuss how we can help you fireproof your spill control emergency plan. Use our contact page, or call us at 888-653-7509. You might be surprised by the value!

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