Key Tools for Cleaning Up an Oil Spill in the Rain

Posted by Derek Yurgaitis on Oct 12, 2016 8:30:00 AM
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As I noted in my last post, “An Overview of Oil Spills,” while the largest oil spills in the world gain all the news, minor spills and leaks that happen daily can have a much greater impact over time. Add rain to the mix and you really have a challenge on your hands. 

How to Cleanup an Oil Spill in the Rain

rainThere are four key steps to a successful clean up:

  1. Control. Ensure the spill doesn’t continue by shutting off valves, etc. Take safety precautions including suitable protection equipment.
  2. Contain. Deploy your spill kit by surrounding the spill, dragging booms across the spill area, and using water to move the spill to a low area.
  3. Clean Up. Leave the booms to absorb the spill, add pillows to deep areas, pads to finish cleaning up. Place everything in disposal bags.
  4. Remediate. Make sure everything is cleaned up including any damage to nearby soil, etc.

As you know, spill kits are key in cleaning up an oil spill. You need to have them readily available and they need to do their job effectively.

Spill Cleanup Tools

All spill cleanup tools are not created the same. Here’s a quote from Industrial Supply magazine in “Oil Spill Cleanup Veterans Join Forces:"

Two major challenges arise in wet conditions when trying to deploy traditional spill cleanup products: 

1) Traditional sorbents operate at less than one-third their capacity in wet weather.

2) Standard sorbents are bulky and require significant storage space, forcing workers and cleanup teams to equip their vehicles with an insufficient amount of sorbents.

Given that background, I was delighted to learn about Donny Beaver’s goals at HalenHardy to “cut wet-weather oil spill cleanup time in half while reducing storage space by at least 75%.” He’s succeeded and more. 

Spilltration® Oil Spill Cleanup Tools

The Spilltration® line of leak and spill cleanup products is made of durable, recycled materials and is engineered to absorb and contain oil-based leaks and spills while allowing clean water to filter through. It’s designed for easy setup around industrial equipment, vehicles, in outdoor worksites and near storm drains and waterways. And, it is effective on oil-based liquids, including motor oils, hydraulic fluids, diesel, transmission fluids, and more. 

Here’s the big breakthroughs over conventional spill kits:

  • Picks up hydrocarbons 50% faster.
  • Requires 300—500% less space for storage.
  • Saves time and money.
  • Protects the environment.

You can see Spilltration® in action at Spilltration® Oil Spill Clean-Up

With the Spilltration® line of tools we have solutions for every type of spill or leak. They include spill kitsshammy towels, and basins as well as husky stripsrugs, and pads. Further, the Spillver Bullet offers not only incredible spill control but remarkably lower storage space requirements.

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