Three Flexible Products You Want in Your Spill Kit

Posted by Derek Yurgaitis on Nov 2, 2016 8:30:00 AM
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Flexibility is at the heart of any spill response. After all, if you could predict what was going to happen, you’d already have prevented it. And, I’m confident that wherever possible, that’s exactly what you’ve done. But, spills to do happen and it’s best to be prepared.  

As you’re reviewing your existing kits and considering improvements or additional kits, here are the three products I recommend. 

Spillver Bullet™

spillver truckThe critical first steps with any spill is to control the spill, ideally turning it off, and then containing the spill to prevent it from spreading. The Spillver Bullet™ is ideal for this task. It’s a 100-foot boom that weighs just 18 lbs and can be deployed by one person in a mere 30 seconds. You can see it in action at Spilltration® Oil Spill Clean-Up

Here’s what one of our customers had to say:

“Spillver Bullet™ is awesome. Not only can we surround and contain an oil-based spill in record time with fewer people, but it also allows clean water to filter through. It helps save our customers thousands of dollars by preventing oil and fuel spills from spreading, and it reduces the amount of solid and liquid disposal per project.”

– Tim Acri, COO, Environmental Management Specialists

Learn more at Pack 5x more oil spill boom in tight spaces with Spillver Bullet


Spilltration™ Husky Rugs

These rugs cover land-based oil spills quickly on wet parking lots or roadways. They can also be used to cover storm drains, protect runoff ditches and stream banks, or catch oil from water at culvert outfalls. They are a perfect first line of defense to hold back oil and fuel spills until emergency responders arrive. 

These rugs compress up to 80% smaller than traditional spill products and, as a result, you can fit 4x more product in the same space. This seriously ramps up your first response capabilities. The oil can also be squeezed out of the product and it can be reused many times.

Spilltration™ Shammy Towels

Shammy towels are designed for final clean-up detail on oil-based leaks and spills. Spilltration™ shammy towels are engineered to work in the rain, picking up the oil and letting the water through. Like our husky rugs, they also have the advantage of fitting into an area up to 80% smaller than other spill products. This maximizes what you can pack into your spill kits.

Spilltration™ Oil Spill Kits

Rather than pack your own kits, or in addition to those you’ve created that fit your particular requirements, consider these kits:

  • Spilltration™ Cubby Spill Kit. Fits into an area 80% smaller than traditional oil spill duffels. It fits into nooks, crannies, and cubby holes, its namesake.  It absorbs hydraulic fluids, transmission fluids, diesel fuel, gasoline, motor oils, lubricants, and other hydrocarbons. Includes: husky strips, pads, and shammy towels.
  • Spilltration™ Trucker Spill Kit. Stowed behind the truck passenger seat, it’s ideal for absorbing fluids leaked from your truck while allowing rainwater to filter through. 

We also have kits for chemical spills.

As you know, spill kits are the key to cleaning up an oil spill. You need to have them readily available and they need to do their job effectively. We feel that our Spilltration™ line of products can really help with your next spill, while also minimizing the space needed for your kits and at the same time maximizing your response.

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