Three Reasons Why Spilltration Booms, Rugs Are More Effective Than White Sorbents

Posted by Derek Yurgaitis on Nov 30, 2016 8:30:00 AM
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The three big reasons that Spilltration™ booms and rugs are more effective than white sorbents are: much higher absorption capacity in the rain; dramatically lower storage requirements; and savings of time, money, and the environment.

Higher Absorption Capacity in the Rain

husky rugThe Spilltration™ line of leak and spill cleanup products is made of durable, recycled materials and is engineered to absorb and contain oil-based leaks and spills while allowing clean water to filter through. Old-fashioned white sorbets operate at less than one-third their capacity in wet weather while Spilltration™ picks up hydrocarbons 50% faster. The rainwater actually creates a barrier on the white sorbent and the oil runs off—exactly what you’re trying to prevent.

Lower Storage Requirements

Spilltration™ Husky Rugs compress up to 80% smaller than white sorbents and, as a result, you can fit 4x more product in the same space. This seriously ramps up your first response capabilities with more materials stored on location. The oil can also be squeezed out of the product and the rug can be reused many times.

shrunk pads

The Spillver Bullet™ packs 5x more oil spill boom in tight spaces. It’s a 100-foot boom that weighs just 18 lb and can be deployed by one person in a mere 30 seconds. You can see it in action at Spilltration™ Oil Spill Clean-Up

Savings—Time + Money + Environment

Spilltration™ products are the only products specifically engineered to filter oil spills from rainwater, which significantly reduces the time and expense of cleanup while protecting the environment. 

Here’s what one of our customers had to say:

“Spillver Bullet™ is awesome. Not only can we surround and contain an oil-based spill in record time with fewer people, but it also allows clean water to filter through. It helps save our customers thousands of dollars by preventing oil and fuel spills from spreading, and it reduces the amount of solid and liquid disposal per project.”

–Tim Acri, COO, Environmental Management Specialists

ems.pngIt all adds up to saving time, money, and the environment.

Booms, Rugs, and More

With the Spilltration™ line of products we have solutions for every type of spill or leak. They include spill kitsshammy towels, and basins as well as husky stripsrugs, and pads. Furthermore, the Spillver Bullet™ offers not only incredible spill control but remarkably lower storage space requirements.

Ramp Up Your Response Effectiveness and Efficiency

We feel that our Spilltration™ line of products can really help with your next spill, particularly in rainy and wet conditions, while also minimizing the space needed and at the same time maximizing your response.

Separating motor oils, hydraulic fluids, transmission fluids, and diesel fuel from rain water and controlling the spill is what Spilltration™ is all about. 

Spilltration, When it rains, you shine™.

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