How MBT Helps Their Valued Distributors Increase Industrial Absorbent Sales

Posted by Derek Yurgaitis on Aug 31, 2016 8:30:00 AM
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You may have seen my earlier blog post “Three Things Most Distributors Are Getting Wrong About Their Sorbent Buyers.” I begin by noting that distributors play a critical role in providing a single source supplier for the buyer, simplifying product selection, and streamlining the purchase process.

The three things that I feel are being missed: purchase price is just the starting point, the full product lifecycle is the key to optimizing use and minimizing costs, and buyers need outside expertise to guide selection decisions. Meeting these needs is what can really bring buyers to you in the first place and then keep them coming back.

How We Help Increase Sales

salesMeltblown Technologies helps in meeting all those key elements by working with you to provide end users with the experience and expertise they need to make the right purchase decisions. Those elements are the critical starting points for increasing sales—finding and keeping customers.

The next critical items we bring that help increase your sales are: 

  • Specialty Supplier. We’re focused exclusively on industrial absorbents. We’ve got to get it right and do so every time. For more on this see my blog post “How to Choose the Right Industrial Absorbent Supplier.”
  • Nimble Organization. Because we’re a small organization with a singular focus, our staff is empowered to make quick decisions and address requirements on the spot. This makes for satisfied customers and growing sales to match.
  • Innovative Products. That singular focus also helps us find new ways of addressing end user needs. Often our new products emerge well before competitors and, as a result, bring new customers to you for those unique items. 
  • Selective Distribution. We don’t distribute our products through just anyone. We select the right distributors that meet our requirements and address end user needs. This means customers come to a select few for Meltblown Technology products. This builds and protects your market share.
  • On Target Programs. Our small size keeps everyone close to distributors and end users. That ends up providing keen insight into developing programs that take advantage of changing market conditions and propel product sales—your sales.

All of this adds up to end users who will seek you out for the best industrial absorbents for their application. That results in pricing power and new customers, both of which drive increased sales and do so over the long haul.

You can get a glimpse of our approach in my blog “Why End Users Need Distributors’ Help Ordering Industrial Absorbents.” We’re all about using our expertise and experience with the distributor to help their end users make the best decisions and apply products correctly. It’s our belief that delighted customers equal happy distributors and a successful supplier.

Increase Your Sales

All the items above combine to grow sales for distributors while growing their base of satisfied end user customers. If you're interested in joining our network of successful distributors, complete our distributor sign up form, use our contact page, or call us at 888-653-7509.

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