Harry Bedrossian

Harry started his career in the Oil & Chemical Spill Response Industry. He spent over two years in the field responding to large incidents and operating various mechanical devices, including sorbents for the containment and recovery of some of the largest spills in the early to mid-90’s. He was then given the opportunity to move into a sales role.

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Transformer Safety After Storms

Posted by Harry Bedrossian on May 3, 2023 2:00:00 PM

The aftermath of a major storm can leave many areas and infrastructure with extensive damage, including Transformers. Transformers are susceptible to damage from high winds and flooding, so any damaged Transformers must be replaced safely and quickly to get power restored to affected areas. Doing this is essential to protecting property and preventing additional damage from occurring.

When Transformers are damaged, it can result in a range of issues. In some cases, the transformer may suffer mechanical damage that can cause it to malfunction. This could lead to sparks or arcing electricity, which can be highly dangerous and create fire hazards. Damaged transformers also risk leaking hazardous chemicals like oil, sulfur hexafluoride, or other dielectric fluid. To prevent and mitigate these risks, you will need to take steps to protect the Transformers from further damage, or the environment from their spills. Using specialized equipment like Transformer Bags or other clean-up tools are a must-have tool for quick and safe transport.

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Transformer Bag Spill Kits: Cleanup and Protection

Posted by Harry Bedrossian on Nov 6, 2018 10:00:00 AM

Transformers are built to last. One would expect them to remain active and operational for long periods of time.

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